събота, 13 декември 2008 г.

The Von Zipper contest !

The Von Zipper unique design contest took place in the popular t-shirt design site - www.designbyhumans.com, a week ago.
The contest was very tough, cause the competition was huge and there were a lot of good designs for the Von Zipper t-shirts.
My submission was simple with the color but I've had that idea two weeks ago before actually realizing and submitting it.

However the Double Ego didn't win but I'm gladfull because I did what I wanted to.
Congradulations on the winners of the contest !They prooved out to be the best artist and their designs are awesome!Cheers guys!
Check out this amasing tee design!

"The days of Capone will allways be in our hearts!"
This design delivers with itself the spirit of the 30's mafia life.Its a nice vector illustration with a "blood" theme stains.
Help this design get popular and get printed by voting for it.The mafia will never dies.

VOTE HERE - http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/37953